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Abriana (Mother of many nations)

Abrielle (Mother of many nations)

Abril (The month April, Spring)  

Acacia (Honorable)

Aceline (Noble)

Ada (Joyful)

Adair (From the oak tree ford)

Adal (Sweet or noble)

Adalgisa (Noble hostage)

Adali (Noble)

Adalia (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adda (Wealthy)

Adelaide (Of the nobility, Noble)  

Adelia (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelina (Noble, Sweet )

Adelinda (Sweet or noble)

Adeline (Good humor)

Adelisa (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelise (Forerunner of Alice, Of the nobility, Noble )

Adelita (Kind or winged; Of the nobility. Noble.)

Adella (Of the nobility, Noble)

Adelle (Of the nobility, Noble )

Adette (Noble, Sweet)

Adreana (Dark)

Adriana (Form of adrienne)

Adriane (Dark)

Adrianna (From Adria the Adriatic sea)  

Adrianne (Rich, Wealthy)

Adriene (From Adria the Adriatic sea)

Adrienne (From Adria the Adriatic sea region, Dark )

Agatha (Good)

Alaine (Dear child)

Alameda (Promenade)

Alana (Beautiful)  

Alandra (Protector of mankind)

Alanza (Noble estate, Eager )

Alba (Dawn)

Alberta (Noble)


Barbara (Foreign, Strange)  

Barbie (Traveler from a foreign land)

Barbra (Traveler from a foreign land)

Bathilda (Heroine)

Bathilde (Heroine)

Battista (Named for John the Baptist)

Beatricia (Brings joy)

Beatrisa (Brings happiness)

Beatriz (Happy, Bringer of joy)  

Becky (Captivating)  

Bela (White)

Belen (Bethlehem)

Belicia (Devoted to God)

Belinda (Beautiful snake)

Bella (My God is a vow)

Belle (Beautiful woman)

Bellina (Beautiful)

Belynda (Beautiful woman)

Benigna (Kind)

Bernadete (Brave as a bear)

Bernadette (Bold as a bear)

Bernadina (Brave as a bear)

Bernadine (Brave as a bear)

Berta (Glorious, Intelligent )

Bertha (Intelligent, Bright)

Beta (Devoted to God)

Betsey (My God is bountiful, God of plenty)

Betsy (Gods oath)  


Calinda (Skylark)

Calista (Most beautiful)

Calvina (Little bald one)

Cinderella (Of the ashes)

Cindi (Moon, Greek God)

Cindia (Moon, Greek God)

Cindie (Moon, Greek God)

Cindy (Moon, Greek God)  


Dacio (From Arcy)

Dael (Lives in the valley)

Dafne (Laurel)

Dagmar (Day maid)

Dagomar (Glorious day)

Dahlia (From the valley)

Daina (From Denmark)

Daine (Danish)

Dalene (Small valley)

Dalenna (Woman from Magdala)

Dalila (Delicate)

Damiana (Untamed)

Damiane (Untamed)

Damien (Untamed)

Damita (Little noble)

Dannelle (God will judge)

Danni (God will judge)  

Dannia (God will judge)

Dantina (God will judge)

Danuta (God is my judge)

Dany (God will judge)

Danya (God will judge)

Daphne (The laurel tree, Sweet bay tree, Honor, Victory)

Darcy (From Arcy)


Earlina (Noble woman)

Earnestine (Earnest, Vigorous)

Earnestyna (Serious)

Elizabeth (Gods oath)

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Fabia (Bean farmer)

Fabiana (Bean farmer)

Fabienne (Bean grower)

Fabiola (Bean farmer)

Fabrizia (Craftswoman)


Gabi (Gods able-bodied one)

Gabriele (Gods able-bodied one)

Gabriell (Gods able-bodied one)

Gabriella (God is my strength)

Gaby (Gods able-bodied one)

Gael (Joyful)  

Gaelle (Stranger)

Gala (Singer)

Galena (Small intelligent one)

Galenia (Small intelligent one)

Galiana (Supreme One)

Galla (From Gaul)

Gallia (From Gaul)

Garabina (Purification)

Garabine (Purification)

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Garan (Stork)

Garbina (Purification)

Garbine (Purification)

Gardenia (Flower)

Guida (Guide)

Guilaine (Pleasant oath)

Guillelmina (Resolute protector)

Gulielma (Resolute protector)

Gulla (Yellow, Divine Sea)


Ibernia (From Ireland)

Ida (Prosperous, Diligent)

Idaia (Active)

Idalie (Active)

Idelisa (Bountiful)

Idelle (Welsh version of Ida)

Idette (Hard working)

Idoia (Reference to the Virgin Mary)

Idonia (Industrious)

Ila (From the island)

Ilane (Island)

Ilaria (Joyful, Happy)

Ileanna (Shining or Brilliant)

Immaculata (Immaculate)

Ina (Nickname dirived from suffix of many names.)


Jacelyn (Beautiful)

Jacey (Beautiful)

Jaci (Beautiful)

Jacinda (Beautiful)

Jacinta (Hyacinth, Purple)

Jacki (Supplanter)

Jackleen (Supplanter)

Jacklynn (Supplanter)

Jacobella (Supplanter)

Jacolin (Who glides with Beautiful Grace)

Jacqualine (Supplanter)

Jacque (Supplanter)

Jacqueleen (Supplanter)

Jacqueline (May God Protect)

Jaenette (Bluejay)

Jaicee (Beautiful)

Jaida (The gemstone jade, The color green)

Jaime (Supplanter)

Jaimi (Supplanter)


Kacee (Brave, Watchful)

Kacey (Brave, Watchful)

Kaci (Brave, Watchful)

Kacia (Brave, Watchful)

Kacie (Brave, Watchful)

Kacy (Brave, Watchful)

Kadi (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kadia (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kadian (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kadie (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kadienne (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kady (Rhythmic flow of sounds)

Kaelah (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelee (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelene (Keeper of the keys)

Kaelin (Keeper of the keys)  


Lair (Mare)

Lani (Bringer of Peace, Hope)

Lanice (Fair, Good-looking)

Lanie (Path, Roadway)

Lanna (Fair, Good-looking)

Lara (Mare)