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Portuguese Baby Girl Names

Portuguese Baby Name Generator

Unique Portuguese Girl Names & Meanings


Mabel (My fair maid, Lovely)

Mabella (My fair maid, Lovely)

Mabelle (Lovable)

Macey (Gift of God)

Machara (Plain)

Maci (Gift of God)

Macie (Gift of God)  

Mackenzie (Son of Kenzie, Fair; Favored one.)

Macy (Gift of God)

Madelena (Woman from Magdala)

Madelene (Woman from Magdala)

Maggy (Pearl)


Nairna (Dwells at the alder tree river)

Nairne (Dwells at the alder tree river)

Nalda (Strong)

Nan (Favor, Grace)

Nana (Grace)

Nancey (Grace)

Nanci (Grace)

Nanette (Grace)

Nanine (Grace)

Nann (Grace)

Nissa (Headland)

Nita (Serious)

Noel (Christmas)

Noele (Christmas)

Noelia (Day of birth)  

Noell (Christmas)

Noella (Christmas)

Noelle (Christmas)


Obelia (Pillar of strength)

Octavia (Born eighth)

Odelia (Little wealthy one; p)

Odelina (Elfin spear)

Odelinda (Little wealthy one)

Odella (Little wealthy one)

Odetta (Melody)

Olena (Pretty)

Olesia (Protector of mankind)

Oleta (Winged)

Oletha (Light, Nimble)

Olga (Holy)


Pabla (Little)

Paciencia (Patience)

Palita (Dove)

Palma (Palm bearing pilgrim)

Palmiera (Palm bearing pilgrim)

Palmira (From the city of Palms)

Pamela (Honeyed)  

Pamelia (Honeyed)

Pamelina (Honeyed)

Pamella (Honeyed)

Pamelyn (Honeyed)


Querida (Beloved)


Rachel (Ewe)

Rachele (Ewe)

Rachelle (Lamb)

Radella (Elfin counselor)

Raffaela (God has healed)

Raffaella (God has healed)

Raimunda (Wise protector)

Raisa (Rose)

Rakel (Form of Rachel)

Ramira (Judicious)

Ramona (Wise protector)

Ramonda (Wise protector)

Rana (Royal)

Randi (Lovely goddess)

Rania (Queen)

Rhonda (Grand)  


Saba (Woman of Sheba)

Sabana (From the open plain)

Sabel (Devoted to God)

Sabina (A Sabine)

Sabrina (From the border)  

Salbatora (Saviour)

Saleena (Solemn)

Salina (Solemn)  

Salli (Saviour)

Salvadora (Saviour)

Salvatora (Saviour)

Sarah (Bright; Radiant)

Sarita (Princess)

Sasha (Protector of mankind)  

Sassa (God beautiful)

Saturnina (Gift of Saturn)

Selma (Divine protector)

Semina (Goddess of sun, moon and stars)

Stella (Star)

Stellar (Star)

Stepania (Crown)

Stepha (Crown)

Stephana (Crown)

Stephania (Crown)

Stephanie (Crown)


Tabatha (Beauty, Grace, Gazelle)

Tailor (Tailor)

Tala (Christs birthday)

Talia (Blooming)

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Talitha (Blooming)

Tallis (Woodland)

Tally (Blooming)

Talulla (Prosperous lady)

Talya (Blooming)

Tashia (Born at Christmas)

Tasia (Resurrection)

Tassa (Born at Christmas)

Tate (Cheerful, Brings joy)

Taura (Born under the sign of Taurus)

Taurina (Born under the sign of Taurus)

Taves (Great)

Tavia (Great)

Thomasa (Twin)

Thomasina (Twin)

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Uaine (Green)

Ula (Well - spoken)

Uli (Mistress of all)

Ulla (Has willpower)

Ulrica (Wolf ruler)

Una (Lamb)  

Unice (Victorious)

Unna (Woman)

Urania (Heavenly, Muse of astronomy)

Uriana (The unknown)

Ursula (Little bear)


Val (Brave)

Vala (Chosen)

Valarie (Brave)

Valborga (Protecting ruler)

Valda (Rules)

Valdis (Goddess of the slain in battle)

Valentia (Brave)

Valentina (Brave)

Valere (Brave)

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Vande (Wanderer)

Vanesa (Butterfly)


Walda (Ruler)

Wallis (From Wales)

Wanda (Wanderer)

Wande (Wanderer)

Wandis (Wanderer)

Wandy (Wanderer)

Wanetta (Pale)

Welda (Ruler)

Winny (Peaceful friend)


Xalbadora (Saviour)

Xandra (Protector of mankind)

Xandy (Protector of mankind)

Xanthe (Yellow, Fair hair)

Xavia (Protector of mankind)

Xavier (January, enlightened)

Xaviera (Bright, Splendid)

Xena (Hospitable)

Xenia (Hospitable)

Xevera (Owns a new house)

Xiomara (Xiomy)

Xylia (Wood dweller)

Xylina (From the forest)

Xylona (From the forest)


Yanamarie (Bitter grace)

Yedda (Beautiful voice)

Ylva (She-wolf)

Ynes (Pure)


Zabrina (Legendary princess)

Zaira (Dawning)

Zamora (From Zamora)

Zandra (Protector of mankind)

Zandria (Protector of mankind)

Zaneta (Gods gift. A saints name.)

Zanita (Long teeth)

Zara (Light)  

Zarah (Dawning)

Zarya (Golden dawn)

Zavrina (Legendary princess)

Zebina (One who is gifted)

Zelda (Famous warrior)

Zelenka (Little innocent one)

Zelia (Zealous one)

Zelinda (Shield of victory)

Zelma (Form of Selma)

Zena (Born of Zeus)

Zenaide (One who has devoted his life to God)

Zenais (Of Zeus)

Zenia (Hospitable)

Zenina (Born of Zeus)

Zenna (Born of Zeus)

Zenobia (Born of Zeus)

Zenobie (Born of Zeus)

Zera (Seed)

Zeta (Little girl)

Zeva (Sword)

Zin (Flower name)

Zina (Of Zeus)